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The Art of Making Thai Omelet

Thai Style Minced Prawn Omelet
Date Made 22/6/2018

No time for cooking on Monday? No problem. Meet Monday friendly dish (or actually any day), Thai style minced prawn omelette. 

As a Thai, I dare to say we love our omelet. We love it so much that the famous Thai Pop band 'Cha-leang' or เฉลียง (means Balcony) once released the song named 'Mr. Omelet' by Cha Leang (นายไข่เจียว โดย เฉลียง) and it went to the top of the charts! Why do we like our omelet? Well, what's not to like? It's simple, quick, cheap, delicious, and basically, need only 3 key ingredients - oil, fish sauce, and eggs. Literally, it's one of the Thai fast foods. The ideal omelet for Thai has to be crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside. It's considered an easy dish to cook but it doesn't mean you can't go wrong. My husband's omelet is one good example of a bad omelette (sorry Love. Don't mean to embarrass you but just …

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